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Using fresh berries, this strawberry cream cheese frosting perfectly complements rich, chocolatey cupcakes! (Recipes for both included.)

Fresh Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting

On Mother’s Day, we went strawberry picking at a local farm with my sister and nieces. It was a beautiful day and we returned home with two baskets full of bright red strawberries. These farm-fresh strawberries smelled amazing, too, so the first thing I did was wash and hull some to dip in homemade whipped […]

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Hanging plant baskets are perfect for porches and patios! Quick and easy way to boost curb appeal and bring color and life to your outdoor space!

How to Make a Hanging Plant Basket

Since we bought our home two years ago, gardening, landscaping and houseplants {oh my!} are all I can think about come spring. My green-thumb dabblings began with pre-arranged containers that hung from our pergola in the backyard. I loved how they instantly added interest, color and life to our outdoor space. I’m no expert in gardening, […]

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Keep the good times rolling even after the sun sets with DIY mason jars lanterns that add a lovely touch of creativity and whimsy to any gathering.

3 Ways to Make Mason Jar Lanterns

It’s starting to get warm in these parts, which has me thinking about getting outside. There’s nothing I love more than sipping my first cup of coffee while watering the plants in the backyard. It’s also nice to sit outside after a long day, watch the kids play and bask in the fading sunlight. But […]

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Whether a word, letter or monogram, these DIY marquee lights -- made with ping pong balls and paper mache letters -- bring fun and style to any space!

Ping Pong Ball Marquee Lights

After the success of my DIY ping pong ball lights on our patio, it was an easy jump to consider using the same concept to make vintage theater-style marquee lights. And since I had a handful of ping pong balls left, I set my sights on making a stylish and fun monogram for my son’s […]

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Fruit-Inspired Terra Cotta Pots // inexpensive and readily available, terra cotta pots make excellent canvases for these fun and fruity diy planters

Fruit-Inspired Terra Cotta Pots

There are so many fun ways to decorate everyday terra cotta pots. On their own, I think they have a certain old world charm, but since they’re readily available and pretty inexpensive, they also make excellent canvases for these fruit-inspired planters. The notion started with this little gift from a friend. She supports my aspiring […]

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A fancy floral birthday celebration for a little girl who loves all things pretty, pink and princess.

Baby’s Third Birthday: A Fancy Floral Fête

This past year we had the joy of celebrating our sweet little girl with an equally charming party for her third birthday. The theme was tea party-inspired — just without the tea and fine china — and filled with lovely floral accents. It was a whimsically sweet party with a close group of family and friends […]

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This Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup packs a hearty goodness that is sure to comfort your taste buds and satisfy a hungry family. Serve warm with buttered bread.

Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

We all have things that when encountered later in life instantly transport us to a moment in time. Maybe it’s a song that makes you relive a special occasion or a fragrance that reminds you of a loved one. Food has a similar power over me, and this Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup not […]

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I'm in love! Metal pipes and fittings are such a clever repurpose. Wood planks bring a rustic charm and the open shelving is beautiful and functional.

DIY Industrial Pipe Open Shelving

Restoration Hardware did it. Joanna Gaines did it. Lowe’s The Weekender did it. And now I can add myself to the list! Not to say that I am anywhere near the level of these amazing designers, but everyday folks should be encouraged that if I can do it, you can, too! The metal pipes and fittings are […]

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