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Take a look at this entryway with its simple decorative touches of autumn.

Adding Autumn to the Entryway

Today I want to share a few photos of our entryway with its simple fall touches. I am still so satisfied with the improvements we made to it last summer. Thanks to our friends at Lowe’s, we turned a stock kitchen cabinet into a bench and it has been excellent for containing the clutter. The white […]

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The last part of the Dealing with Deployment series is the day we've all been waiting for... the day our loved one comes home!

Dealing with Deployment // Homecoming

The last part of the Dealing with Deployment series is the day we’ve all been waiting for… the day our loved one comes home! Homecoming is such a special day. It’s a day long awaited for everyone involved and is met with a deserving dose of excitement, anticipation and patriotic pomp and circumstance. The U.S. Navy’s […]

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Deployment Wall // For other military families dealing with deployment, here are a few interactive activities we used in an effort to lessen our kids' separation anxiety and lift their spirits.

Dealing with Deployment // Kids Activities

Until this deployment, our kids have been relatively unaware of the Chief’s absences at home due to his military commitment. Now, at three and five years old, they are keenly aware of the separation even if they don’t fully grasp the gravity of deployment. They know their dad works aboard a Navy ship and sometimes […]

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Boost morale, save time and avoid hassles with these tips for sending military care packages.

Dealing with Deployment // Care Packages

Mail call is a big deal for military members of all branches who are serving our nation far from home. It is also quite an operation — just check out this video from my husband’s ship, the USS George H. W. Bush (CVN-77).   Filling a box with familiar comforts and sweet notes is a […]

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Today is my birthday. I'm 42 years old. Check out these 42 things about me in celebration of my birthday.

Guess Who’s 42!

1.  Today is my birthday. 2.  It marks 42 years of living on God’s green earth. 3.  Confession: I had to do the math to confirm I am indeed 42. I have officially reached an age where I can no longer remember how old I am! 4.  But my age doesn’t really bother me. I […]

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1. Take a nature walk. // Get outdoors with the kids this summer!

20 Outdoor Things To Do With Kids This Summer

When it comes to play, I more often orchestrate activities than join the fun. This summer, I’m challenging myself to disconnect from devices, let the house get messy and be more present in play with my kids. I’m far from an outdoorsman, but growing up in Colorado developed a solid appreciation for nature. I strongly […]

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Learn how to make an outdoor planter that will bring beauty, life and interest to your porch or patio all summer long.

Anatomy of an Outdoor Planter

We have yet to start landscaping our yard, so this spring I planted over a dozen containers for our outdoor space. The fresh flowers and greenery instantly transformed our patio while also satisfying my newest obsession in gardening. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to supplement what’s already done, read on to learn how […]

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Achieve this whimsical look by turning an everyday watering can into lovely door decor in three easy steps!

Watering Can Door Decor in 3 Easy Steps

I’ve been inspired this summer to create alternatives to a traditional round wreath that still welcomes guests and brightens the front door. I received a watering can grow kit as a gift and instantly fell in love with the bright, bold color. I knew it would look incredible against my classic white door. So instead […]

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Quick, easy and completely customizable! There's so much to love about this mailbox door hanger design!

Think Inside the Box // Mailbox Door Hanger

With the start of a new season comes the chance to create new decor for the front door. This summer I’m breaking away from traditional round wreaths and repurposing this wall-mounted mailbox into some lovely door decor. To make one of your own, here are the supplies you’ll need: wall-mount mailbox styrofoam or floral foam faux […]

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