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Our Thankful Tree // With November being the month of thankfulness, here are a few things we do to teach our kids about gratitude.

Teaching Kids About Gratitude

With November being the month of thankfulness, I can think of no better time for teaching kids about gratitude. Studies have shown that focusing on the good in our lives can have a huge impact on the happiness we feel, the resiliency we display, and the compassion we bestow. For that and for so many […]

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The last part of the Dealing with Deployment series is the day we've all been waiting for... the day our loved one comes home!

Dealing with Deployment // Homecoming

The last part of the Dealing with Deployment series is the day we’ve all been waiting for… the day our loved one comes home! Homecoming is such a special day. It’s a day long awaited for everyone involved and is met with a deserving dose of excitement, anticipation and patriotic pomp and circumstance. The U.S. Navy’s […]

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Deployment Wall // For other military families dealing with deployment, here are a few interactive activities we used in an effort to lessen our kids' separation anxiety and lift their spirits.

Dealing with Deployment // Kids Activities

Until this deployment, our kids have been relatively unaware of the Chief’s absences at home due to his military commitment. Now, at three and five years old, they are keenly aware of the separation even if they don’t fully grasp the gravity of deployment. They know their dad works aboard a Navy ship and sometimes […]

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Boost morale, save time and avoid hassles with these tips for sending military care packages.

Dealing with Deployment // Care Packages

Mail call is a big deal for military members of all branches who are serving our nation far from home. It is also quite an operation — just check out this video from my husband’s ship, the USS George H. W. Bush (CVN-77).   Filling a box with familiar comforts and sweet notes is a […]

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Today is my birthday. I'm 42 years old. Check out these 42 things about me in celebration of my birthday.

Guess Who’s 42!

1.  Today is my birthday. 2.  It marks 42 years of living on God’s green earth. 3.  Confession: I had to do the math to confirm I am indeed 42. I have officially reached an age where I can no longer remember how old I am! 4.  But my age doesn’t really bother me. I […]

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1. Take a nature walk. // Get outdoors with the kids this summer!

20 Outdoor Things To Do With Kids This Summer

When it comes to play, I more often orchestrate activities than join the fun. This summer, I’m challenging myself to disconnect from devices, let the house get messy and be more present in play with my kids. I’m far from an outdoorsman, but growing up in Colorado developed a solid appreciation for nature. I strongly […]

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If you missed it live, watch the Hometalk LIVE replay and see how easy it is to make scented candles for homemade holiday gifts!

My Appearance on Hometalk LIVE

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to be featured on Hometalk’s live video tutorial series on Facebook. I had the pleasure of showing the audience how to make and package handmade scented candles for holiday gifts. These are some of my favorites: a lovely soy candle already wrapped up in a festive tin, a […]

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Every year older is a blessing. See how I'm turning things around to make myself more of a priority in celebration of my 41st birthday.

My 41st Birthday

I had a big celebration when I turned 40 last year. The Chief watched the kids while I took off for an extended weekend trip to Montreal with two dear friends. I was forty and it was fabulous fun! There wasn’t as much pomp and circumstance for 41, but every year older is a blessing and […]

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A bookend piece to "The First Day of School," this is a quick review of our first year of preschool.

The Last Day of School

Wow, I cannot believe an entire school year has already passed. My son has now completed his first year of preschool. Just look at all these adorable faces in his class! Now, if you’ll remember from my previous post, we started out a bit rocky. It was my first time trusting my child into someone […]

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