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Take a look at this entryway with its simple decorative touches of autumn.

Adding Autumn to the Entryway

Today I want to share a few photos of our entryway with its simple fall touches. I am still so satisfied with the improvements we made to it last summer. Thanks to our friends at Lowe’s, we turned a stock kitchen cabinet into a bench and it has been excellent for containing the clutter. The white […]

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Learn how to make an outdoor planter that will bring beauty, life and interest to your porch or patio all summer long.

Anatomy of an Outdoor Planter

We have yet to start landscaping our yard, so this spring I planted over a dozen containers for our outdoor space. The fresh flowers and greenery instantly transformed our patio while also satisfying my newest obsession in gardening. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to supplement what’s already done, read on to learn how […]

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Hanging plant baskets are perfect for porches and patios! Quick and easy way to boost curb appeal and bring color and life to your outdoor space!

How to Make a Hanging Plant Basket

Since we bought our home two years ago, gardening, landscaping and houseplants {oh my!} are all I can think about come spring. My green-thumb dabblings began with pre-arranged containers that hung from our pergola in the backyard. I loved how they instantly added interest, color and life to our outdoor space. I’m no expert in gardening, […]

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I'm in love! Metal pipes and fittings are such a clever repurpose. Wood planks bring a rustic charm and the open shelving is beautiful and functional.

DIY Industrial Pipe Open Shelving

Restoration Hardware did it. Joanna Gaines did it. Lowe’s The Weekender did it. And now I can add myself to the list! Not to say that I am anywhere near the level of these amazing designers, but everyday folks should be encouraged that if I can do it, you can, too! The metal pipes and fittings are […]

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Swings// additional details, photos and resources on how we built our backyard wooden playset

DIY Outdoor Playset // A Year Later

One of our most popular projects has been the outdoor playset we built for our kids in the fall of 2015. I am happy to report that it’s still in great condition — standing up to hurricane winds, downpours of rain and everyday abuses of rambunctious kids. It also continues to be a focal point […]

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We priced out pre-fab playsets and didn't see one for less than a grand. We also didn't see one we couldn't build ourselves, and so we set out to DIY a better playground for a lot less.

DIY Outdoor Playset // Materials & Tools List

Thank you for all the kind words and inquiries regarding our outdoor playset. We had a blast building it, but most importantly, our kids and their friends are having an even better time using it! My intention when I originally wrote the post was to prove that building a playset could cost a lot less […]

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A simple and sweet bedroom with girlish charm and personal touches for an equally sweet little girl.

Baby’s New Room Reveal

Growing up, I happily shared a bedroom with my older sister. When I had kids, I wanted them to share a room, too — or at least while they were little. I imagined them reading books with flashlights after bedtime and having to yell at them to go to sleep. They would respond in fits […]

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Get a designer look at a fraction of the cost -- just $70 for materials! Visit the blog for a step-by-step tutorial.

DIY Wall-Mounted Bookshelves

While designing my daughter’s new room, it quickly became apparent that we needed a place to put all of her books. If there’s one thing I will gladly buy my children, it’s books, and so we have collected a lovely little library with several titles given as gifts from family and friends. I wanted to […]

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My son was afraid of it; I was repulsed. Even after a good cleaning, we wouldn’t use the half bath and so we took some major steps to renovate. Click to see what we did to create a more beautiful, inviting and clean bathroom.

The Half Bath Makeover

Our house has a half bathroom on the first floor, but for the first few months after moving in, we would climb the stairs to the second floor to avoid it. It looks nice enough here, right? But upon closer examination… It was a confined, dark and gloomy space. Spiders lurked in corners and hung […]

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