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Chicken Noodle Casserole

I’ve been in a cooking stink these last few weeks. I don’t have much of an excuse… Sure, it’s been hot outside and I’ve been busy with projects. But quite frankly, I just don’t wanna. Yes, every now and again even this Domestic Goddess gets into a funk where cooking becomes a chore — rather […]

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Life is reason enough to celebrate. Decorate with these easy and fun ping pong ball lights!

DIY Ping Pong Ball Lights

After we built a pergola over our concrete patio, I was excited to decorate with fun patio lights. Call me cheap, but I was a little surprised by the price: a string of 25 clear globe lights costs $40 at Crate and Barrel, $26 on Amazon and $15 at Target. Since I already had strings of lights […]

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A favorite for dinner parties and steak night! This salad is a taste sensation featuring sweet strawberries, fragrant bleu cheese and sweet and spicy pecans.

Baby Bleu Salad with Sweet & Spicy Pecans

Before I left for Japan to rendezvous with my sweet sailor many moons ago, my dear friend’s mother made dinner for us. I still remember that dinner fondly — not just for the great company, but also for this amazing salad. I admit I was a bit intimidated by the ingredients at first: a green salad with […]

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The Chief came home one day with the wild idea to build a pergola over our concrete patio. He said it could be finished in a weekend and with little monetary investment. Is your curiosity piqued?

From Patio To Pergolicious

Our backyard bakes from sun up to sun down with little to no relief except for minimal shade from this poor, overgrown peach tree in the middle of the yard. After a few scorching summer days {and a few sunburns}, we started brainstorming shade options for at least the kids’ pool. That little umbrella was […]

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Earned Our Stripes • Laundry Closet Makeover

When we started searching for a house, I had big Pinterest dreams of a fancy laundry room that would make doing mountains of laundry effortless and enjoyable with its smart organization and stunning style. {Yes, my dreams have changed dramatically since becoming the mother of two.} Our glorious new home, however, has this itty-bitty laundry […]

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How to Paint Clean, Crisp, Straight Lines

Are you ready to earn your stripes? This step-by-step tutorial on painting vertical stripes was developed from my experience renovating our laundry closet. We tried a few methods, but the following is the best for perfectly clean, crisp, straight lines on textured walls. {It’s also super simple!} 1.  Measure your walls to calculate an easy and […]

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"Decision is only wishful thinking until you take that first irreversible step." Today, I am taking my first irreversible step and writing my first blog post.

Hello World!

“Decision is only wishful thinking until you take that first irreversible step.” Today, I am taking that first irreversible step and writing my first blog post! Those of you who are visiting {thank you!} may already know me, but I thought it a good idea to use this first post to properly introduce myself and […]

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