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If you knew me prior to husband + kids, then you’d be incredibly surprised that I have a section of my blog dedicated to cooking.

Recipes //

When I was a child, my mother shooed me out of the kitchen for my want of learning to cook and my penchant to make a mess. My kitchen responsibilities were limited to making kool-aid {sugar+water, can’t mess that up, right?!} and setting the table. When I got a place of my own, my kitchen consisted of neighborhood restaurants {long live Two Boots!}. I lived in a studio apartment in Brooklyn, after all; the stove was used for storage.

When I became a mother, all that changed. I wanted to make healthy and wholesome meals for my family. And as a tired busy mom, I wanted them to be simple and delicious. My family still eats an occasional frozen pizza or corn dogs from a box, but I strive to give them home-cooked meals as an extension of my love.

So the recipes you’ll find on my blog are V’s kitchen-tested and family-approved. They are inspired by fresh products, everyday ingredients you’re likely to already have on hand, and meet the picky palates of a 3- and 1-year-old toddler and a meat-and-potatoes-loving husband.

I hope you’ll find something that agrees with your taste buds in my recipe box, too!


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