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If you've got a little shark enthusiast of your own or if you just think sharks are cool, here are some terrific kid-friendly ways to celebrate Shark Week!

Celebrating Shark Week with Kids

It’s the most wonderful week of the year! Yes, Shark Week is back and kicks off tomorrow, Sunday, June 26, on the Discovery Channel. But if you’ve been following along with this blog, you already know that every week is indeed Shark Week at our home thanks to this little guy right here. He really […]

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Shark-tastic Sugar Cookies //

Shark-tastic Sugar Cookies

I have always admired the look of decorated sugar cookies, but they often failed to impress upon my taste buds. They’ve been rather dry and flavorless, dressed up with overly sweet icing in an aesthetic attempt to compensate for being a boring cookie. That is, until now. I came across this little cookie jewel of […]

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